Sharon Weiss, Royal Oak MI 

I have always had my son photographed on significant occasions, three months, six months, one year and on his birthday every year. I met Aly just before my darling son turned five. I saw some of her work and decided to ask her to photograph him for that milestone. She was, at that time, a stranger to him. The three of us went to a local park and she proceeded to chase him around for at least an hour. She not only caught his image, but she captured his soul. Since then Aly has done an on-location photoshoot with him on his birthday every year. He is now 18 and has created a grouping of photos that portray Sam's personality and interests for his senior year session. We also asked her to update our family photos almost a year ago. That session produced a collage that hangs in my dining room of 9 pictures that I admire daily. It is so authentic and joyful. She brings out these qualities in every project. Aly is not merely a photographer, she is a true artist.

Sam Weiss, Royal Oak MI

I have been a client of Aly since I was five years old, and in the 13 years she’s been my photographer she has never failed to create stunning work. Her real time understanding of lighting, framing and posing lead to the production of the most professional photographs I have ever seen. In my opinion there is no woman more qualified to produce quality photos..